My Portfolio

Client: National Association of Social Workers

2022 – First National Undoing Racism Summit

Managed the whole facilitation process for the summit including defining scope, facilitation/note-taking roles & responsibilities, recruitment, designed all facilitation related material, created and led facilitation/note-taking trainings, facilitated at the event, and ensured successful meeting documentation. The report linked below informed the Summit. There will be a Summit report published end of 2022. 

Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Civic Synergy 

2022 – Civic Synergy Program

Designed and facilitated deliberative process for MIT depolarization organization. Supporting cross-partisan cohorts of MIT students with developing policy proposals which were presented to Federal Representatives in Congress.

Client: Minoru Yasui Legacy Project & Japanese American Museum of Oregon

2021 – Strategic Plan

Designed and facilitated multiple strategic planning sessions to develop 5 year Action Plan including visioning, obstacles, strategic directions, and action plan sessions. 

Client: Flip the Script LLC 

2020 – 2021 – Partnership Building

Outreached to organizations and facilitated over 50 multi-stakeholder partnership development and event planning meetings with organizations like Warnock Campaign, Ossoff Campaign, Humanity Forward Georgia, Block Power, Vote Tree, Math Movement, etc..

Employer: Catalysis LLC

2019 – 2020 – Strategic Plan Implementation 

Assisted with the implementation of a ten year Strategic Plan for the Bureau of Environmental Services through in-person and virtual meeting support.

Client: City of Vancouver

2019 – Award Winning Anti-Displacement Plan

Co-lead the creation of a 5 month engagement plan which resulted in engaging with over 500 community members, including service providers, community organizing leaders, nonprofits, and local residents through interviews, informal introductions, surveying, and focus groups.

Employer: Better Block PDX

2019 – Partnerhip Building

Designed and facilitated cross-sectoral partnership building meetings focused on knowledge transfer, process improvement, negotiating roles and responsibilities, and contract creation.