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I’m Malia Josephine

Collaboration Facilitator
Stakeholder Engagement Specialist
Master of Urban and Regional Planner 


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Finding my purpose

My purpose is to advance collaboration in service of a regenerative future. Through my specialties in stakeholder engagement, partnership building, facilitation, and program/project management I help cross-sector groups develop and implement climate-resilient urban and regional plans, projects, policies, & programs. 

With nearly 9 years of experience, I’ve co-led and managed sustainability and equity programs and initiatives focused on energy efficiency, natural resource management, water resilience, transportation planning, land use change, gentrification, anti-displacement, and more.

How Did I Get Here?

I love collaboration. My love for collaboration started in 2016 when I was accepted into an intensive hands-on facilitation program with the Center for Public Deliberation (CPD). The CPD is one of the nation’s thought leaders on “wicked problems,” deliberative democracy, and multi-stakeholder dialogue. During this program, I facilitated public forums, open houses, and focus groups to help cross-sector groups collaborate on city resilience, homelessness, affordable housing, and zoning plans. That experience changed my life.

In 2017, I pursued a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State University with a specialization in community engagement. During my studies, I gained experience in designing and implementing inclusive engagement plans for sustainable land use change. My graduate capstone project, Reside Vancouver: Anti-Displacement Plan became an award winning plan adopted by the City of Vancouver, Washington.

I’ve had the pleasure of working in several city & county governments, shaping my interests and skill sets in urban and regional planning and community engagement. There have also been several influential organizations I worked in and with that greatly shifted my perspective and professional approach, including but not limited to the City Repair Project, Better Block PDX,  Tryon Life Community Farm, and Ag Innovations.  

These organizations are committed to fostering the transformative work that is so urgently needed in the world today. My experience with them has provided me with a rich background in collective action, network building, placemaking, tactical urbanism, democratic process, and collaboration methods – all to support regenerative systems change.

What I’m Doing Now

Climate Program Specialist

I’m a Climate Program Specialist in the Sustainability Division at the County of Santa Barbara.

Facilitative Leader

I create content about professional facilitation. Check out my social media platforms to learn more.

Clients, Employers, and Collaborative Efforts

Media I am Featured In...

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Transformation Horizon Podcast Guest, International Organization Development Association, 2022

The Gift of Being a Facilitator Entrepreneur, North Star Facilitators, 2022

Career Panel Speaker, National Coalition of Dialogue and Deliberation, 2021

Hooding Ceremony Student SpeakerCollege of Urban and Public Affairs, 2019

Student Achievement Award, Oregon American Planning Association, 2019

Student Sustainability Service Learning Award, Institute for Sustainable Solutions, 2018

Scholarship Recipent, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, 2017

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